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Your Handy Autumn Checklist: Keep Your Horse’s Health in Tip-Top Shape This Fall!

Horse owners, tune in! In Part One of our Handy Autumn Checklist series, the Springtime team provided a slew of helpful tips for taking care of your dog’s health as the season changes. Now, it’s time to discuss how to keep your horse’s health in tip-top shape this fall. As many of us know, humans […] Read more »

Your Handy Autumn Checklist: Keep Your Dog’s Health in Tip-Top Shape This Fall!

The holiday festivities and chilly weather are on our minds as we transition away from a unique summer and into an autumn filled with possibilities. However, while we make plans to carve pumpkins, unpack our thick flannels and decorate our homes for fall, it’s important not to forget how the changing of the seasons can […] Read more »

Stocking Up: Symptoms and Treatments

Inexperienced horse owners and those caring for older horses may be alarmed to habitually see their animals’ legs swollen after an extensive period in the stall. This may likely be a normal condition known as “stocking up.” If this is the case, it can be an easy problem to treat. Detection During periods of inactivity, […] Read more »

Breathe Healthy Masks – A comfortable and safe mask to protect yourself during a pandemic and everyday exposure!

Not only do Breathe Healthy® masks protect you from airborne particles but these masks were designed for everyday use! That includes lawn mowing, gardening, grooming the family pet, leaf raking, bicycling, working in the office, commuting on a train, carpooling, woodworking… performing many of the day-to-day work and recreational activities. When adjusted to fit snugly, […] Read more »

Protect Your Pets this Fall as Ticks and Fleas Surge

Tick and flea activity picks up in the fall before the first frost hits. For fleas, seventy degrees is the ideal temperature to hatch. While fleas can survive in many climates, the worst time of year for these pesky critters is late spring through winter, with the seasonally worst months for flea infestations occurring in […] Read more »

Fun Stay-at-Home Activities to Do with your Dogs

With COVID-19 still keeping us at home, it’s important to incorporate fun stay-at-home activities you can do with your pet! This will keep them entertained, tire them out, and help them learn obedience training all at once! Below are some fun activities you can still do with your dogs that are COVID-friendly and don’t break […] Read more »

How Frequently Will a Horse Visit the Vet?

Age and special needs of a horse determine how often it must see the vet. This post helps you budget your resources for the health of your horse. Read more »

Do You Know What Adaptogens Are? Here is Why They are Good for You!

“Adaptogens.” This may seem like a new and mysterious term for many individuals entering the health and wellness sphere, but adaptogens have been used in herbal medicine for centuries. These powerful substances work to balance your hormones, help you cope with stress and even fight chronic fatigue. While these past few months of uncertainty and […] Read more »

A Simple Step to Help You Keep Safe – Breathe Healthy Masks

From the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the focus and priority has been and continues to be on the health and safety of ourselves, our families and those we decide to surround ourselves with. To date, The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and CDC (Center for Disease Control) have only defined 2 types of masks […] Read more »

Great Toys for Bored Horses

Horses are intelligent creatures that need mental stimulation and physical outlets for their energy. Some equines get all they need for contentment by roaming through a vast pasture, interacting with a trainer, working in a field, or socializing with others in the herd. Spending time in a stall may not negatively affect the behavior of […] Read more »