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Bug Off, Flies! How to Manage Bugs

Flies are a barn owner’s biggest nuisance, especially in warm weather. Not only are flies annoying and can bite or sting your horses, they also can spread a number of diseases. Here, the horse lovers at Springtime Supplements offer some tips to control the flies and keep your herd happy and comfortable. Prevention is the […] Read more »

Getting Your Dog into Agility Training

Are you looking for a great way to get in shape mentally and physically? Do you want the same for your dog and strengthen the bond you two share? Consider agility training. Agility is an exciting sport for dogs and their human companions. Seeing a dog maneuver through an obstacle course is an amazing sight! […] Read more »

Can Biting Insects Really Cause Harm to Our Pets?

Biting insects aren’t just gross, they can be dangerous! Pets of all shapes and sizes are at risk to the dangers of biting insects. Here, the experts at Springtime Supplements help to outline some of the dangers that biting insects pose to our beloved pets, as well as give some tips to keep your furry […] Read more »

My Horse Has One Horsepower, Right?

Can your horse move a single pound over six miles in one minute? Would it be able to drag 1,000 pounds a few feet if given the same amount of time? How about a mere 100 pounds a few feet in six seconds? These are a few ways of looking at horsepower, and, yes, your […] Read more »

Can Dogs Eat Cucumbers?

As a dog owner, you strive to provide your companion with proper nutrition vital to its overall health and wellbeing. While a box of biscuits may satisfy your dog’s desire for a treat, you may want to feed your pooch a variety of healthy snacks. Cucumbers are one great natural treat for dogs, especially during […] Read more »

Przewalski’s Horse: The Last of the Wild Horses

In the mid-1880s, renowned Russian explorer Nikolay Przewalski discovered a species of horse that the scientific community had never seen before; later named Przewalski’s horse, researchers determined that it indeed was a species all of its own and, in fact, the last truly wild horse in existence. This formidable creature survived for thousands of years […] Read more »

Nervous Horse? How to Help Them Cope With Fourth of July Fireworks

Fireworks are inevitable on the Fourth of July. While we humans may love getting to watch a fireworks show, your horse is probably less enthusiastic about the loud bangs and smoke that come with the event. Here are some ways to make sure your horse is comfortable and safe this upcoming holiday. Create a Game […] Read more »

Can Your Dog Eat Cicadas?

Cicada perched on a small tree branch in Baltimore, MD.
Depending upon where you live, you may have already been inundated with these loud, buzzing insects. Cicadas are back, 17 years later. Brood X is the largest of the 17-year cicada broods and these red-eyed marvels have started to besiege the East Coast. From Tennessee to New York, you can find their shells attached to […] Read more »

May is for Maintenance: How to Keep Your Eventer Going All Season

As summer grows closer, eventing season is in full-swing. One of the most physically demanding equestrian disciplines, eventing requires intensive conditioning and preparation well before you find yourself on a cross country course. While spending the winter conditioning your horse is essential, it’s important to make sure that their fitness level can be sustained. Assessing […] Read more »

Top 5 Things To Do in Maryland

Springtime is located in Cockeysville, Maryland in Baltimore County and after 40 years of being around town, we know some of the best things that Baltimore has to offer!Here is a list of the top 5 attractions to see while in Baltimore, Maryland. We are sure they will keep you coming back and back again! […] Read more »