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Home » Hide and Seek: Top 5 Places Ticks Love to Hide on Your Horse & Dog!

Hide and Seek: Top 5 Places Ticks Love to Hide on Your Horse & Dog!

It’s that time of year again – tick season! The temperatures are warming up and the ticks are active and ready to find their next host. It’s important to inspect your horses and dogs regularly to catch these bugs before too much damage is done. Check out these top five places ticks love to hide!

A tick attached to a scalp under reddish-brown hair
the hindquarters of a black horse


  1. Tail – Always check your horse’s tail as it is one of the most common places to find a tick. Be sure to inspect the entire tailbone, especially around the top of the tail.
  2. Mane – Ticks can be found hidden in the mane near the crest of the neck. Use your fingers to feel any strange bumps along the crest – you might find a nasty tick.
  3. Ears – Ears are a very sensitive area for horses, which make it a favorite spot for ticks to latch on to a horse.
  4. Chest – The folds of skin and warm hairy spots around a horse’s chest and armpit area provide an excellent place for ticks to hide.
  5. Groin – Don’t forget to check the groin area as it is an easy hiding spot for ticks. Carefully inspect between the inside of the hind legs.
A human hand holding up the bottom of a dog's paw


  1. Ears – Behind the ears are a favorites spot for ticks. Carefully examine all around the ears, especially where there is thicker hair.
  2. Neck – Ticks love to hide in the folds of skin around the neck. Check around your dog’s collar as well, because it can provide another hiding place.
  3. Elbows – Behind the dogs elbows and around their armpits is another favorite tick hiding spot. Not only is it a warm area, but the skin in this part is more sensitive making it an easy place to bite in to.
  4. Toes – One of the least inspected places is between a dog’s toes. Ticks love to nestle into the nooks and crannies, and between the toes is a great hiding place for them.
  5. Groin – Another warm and hidden place to regularly inspect is your dog’s groin area. This sensitive area on your dog is another favorite spot for stubborn ticks.
A tick attached to the bottom of a dog's eye

Ticks are always on the prowl for their next meal. Be sure to routinely check your horses and dogs for these nasty hitchhikers. It is especially important to check after spending time in the woods or after traveling through fields with tall grass. For a natural 24 hours fly and tick shield, try adding in Springtime’s Bug Off Garlic to your horse or dog’s daily routine!

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