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Here is How to Strengthen Your Bond With Your Pet

If you have a pet, you know they are essentially a part of your family. Especially while we endure this pandemic indoors, they can serve as our closest companions with whom we spend the most time. Ultimately, pets and people have shared close connections for centuries, and holding a bond with your pet can have so many mental and emotional benefits. It is healthy to encourage a growing and flourishing bond with your pet without them being too dependant on you and risking the development of separation anxiety. Here are several tips on how to strengthen your bond with your furry friends this winter.

Spend Quality Time Together

Quality time is arguably one of the most important aspects of any relationship, and when it comes to your pets, this is no different. If we neglect to spend enough time with our pets, such as enduring long days at the office while your pet is home alone, behavior issues can arise. Often, our pets act out, damage furniture, or experience anxiety if they are not properly burning their energy or spending time with their owners. While it may be hard to find free time here and there, it is crucial to take your dog for more walks, spend time exploring your local park, or even play a 20-minute game of fetch in the yard after work. Any time spent together helps to strengthen your relationship with your pet and burn their energy—our special secret for a well-behaved pup!

Train and Communicate Clearly

Most pets learn visual cues quicker and easier than vocal cues, so it is important to be as clear and consistent as possible when it comes to training signals. The clearer the communication you provide, the more well-behaved your pet. This means a less frustrated and overwhelmed you!

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Remain Calm, Even When Your Pet Misbehaves

Naughty or rambunctious pet? Losing your temper and yelling will not be beneficial in effectively disciplining your pet or strengthening your relationship with them. This type of behavior will only make your pet scared of you, which is the last thing you want when desiring a relationship of respect with your dog. Instead of raising your voice at your pet, try to focus on more effective modes of discipline such as distracting your dog’s focus away from their current behavior and onto you, firmly telling them “No” when they misbehave, and presenting them with a treat or chew toy when they refrain from the bad behavior. If you want to strengthen your bond with your pet, positive reinforcement will always work better than anger!

Display Your Affection Through Physical Touch

Many researchers believe that physical touch plays an integral role in strengthening the bond between owner and pet. Dog, cat, and horse owners alike all know how much their pets love to soak in personal attention and affection. Grooming and petting your furry friends can help lower their stress levels while also lowering yours! If you want to strengthen your bond with your pet and leave them happier and healthier, simple cuddle sessions when you have a spare moment will go a long way.

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Pets have feelings and emotions just like humans. Paying special attention to your pet’s likes and dislikes will not only strengthen their trust in you, but help you and your furry friend form an even closer bond. If you found this article insightful and informative, check out our wide array of articles that range from topics such as the best nutrition for dogs, to seasonal horse health guides, to the best ways to prevent ticks and fleas once the warmer months arrive. Visit our blog page here for a long list of helpful topics, or shop our all-natural supplements for horses, dogs and people by clicking here.

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