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Supplements Aren’t Just for People! The Benefits of Supplements For Horses During the Summer Months

woman wearing a helmet riding horse on the trail in the summer

When many think of the term “supplements,” they often think of shiny gel capsules filled with fish oil for health-minded individuals to incorporate in their daily routine. Truth is, supplements aren’t just for people, and they don’t all come in pill-form. Natural supplements can be a fantastic complement to your horse’s diet, with many supplements capable of supporting their immune system and delivering natural bug protection during the warm months. Here, the natural supplement specialists at Springtime offer the many benefits that supplements for horses can offer during the summer.

Bug Off Garlic for Horses Offers Natural Bug Protection

The summer months sure offer a ton of fun, but they also bring flies, ticks, mosquitoes, gnats and other pesky biting insects. These can cause your horse to experience itching, abscesses and irritation, which can affect your horse’s mood and health. Springtime’s Bug Off Garlic for Horses celebrates more than 22 years of natural bug protection and is excellent for controlling horseflies and supporting your horse’s overall immune system and digestive tract. You can shop Bug-Off Garlic here.

Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfate Helps Maintain Joint Health

The integrity of your horse’s joints is vital to their cartilage, tendon and ligament health. The stress of training or even regular activity can take a toll on your horse’s joints, which is why supportive supplements can come in handy. Glucosamine is important for horses to help maintain joint lubrication and flexibility, as well as support their normal inflammatory response, and when paired with chondroitin sulfate, can aid in cartilage health and joint stiffness after athletic activity. Our Joint Health Comfort+, which contains a blend of chondroitin sulfate, MSM, glucosamine HCI and boswellia serrate, supports overall joint comfort and mobility. As your horse enjoys its daily activity this summer, consider your horse’s inflammation levels and the natural methods you can use to combat it. You can shop Joint Health Comfort+ for horses here.

Spirulina Wafers for Horses

“Summer” season can also mean “allergy” season for many of our horses. Bad allergies can lead to scratching, irritation and even hair loss for your poor horse, which is why introducing a natural supplement into your horse’s diet can support their natural healing process and maintain their immune system, thereby reducing the impact of seasonal allergies. Spirulina is a form of microalgae that is used as a dietary supplement by many around the world. Turns out, it’s great for horses too! Spirulina Wafers for Horses help maintain your horse’s immune, circulatory and detoxifying systems, in addition to supporting a healthy liver and kidneys.

Get to Know Our Team at Springtime Supplements

At Springtime, we want only the best for your horse. We’ve seen the benefits of incorporating natural supplements into our own horses’ diets and have a passion for helping horse owners find healthy solutions for common ailments. To find the best natural supplement for your horse this summer, contact our team at Springtime Supplements today!

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