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How Can I Incorporate More Natural Products Into My Dog’s Lifestyle?

If you are interested in living a healthier life, why not take your pets along for the ride? Taking a natural approach regarding what you feed your dogs daily, and what you give to them as supplements, is a step in the right direction.

Making the decision to provide your pup a great lifestyle that incorporates natural products and regimes may be a whole new direction for you—it’s normal if you’re not sure where to begin. Here, the team at Springtime Supplements provides several tips on how to take the natural route when caring for your pets, along with some of the distinguishable benefits that can come with this lifestyle change.

Check Out Natural Dog Foods, Treats and Alternatives to Kibble

Food is the main source of daily nutrients for your dogs, so ensuring that the ingredients are natural and healthy is extremely crucial. Unfortunately, over the years, many pet food companies have created seemingly “healthy” or “natural” food products for pets with misleading packaging, labels, and ingredients. There are, however, some key guidelines to follow that will help you choose the best natural food for your pet:

  • Try to avoid foods with synthetic chemical preservatives.
  • Search for options that list at least two named meats as the primary ingredients.
  • Choose foods that are suitable for pets of all ages.

Additionally, many dog foods that are dry or canned can be heavily processed, so opt for raw, frozen, or dehydrated alternatives instead, if possible.

Fight Fleas, Ticks and Other Biting Insects Without Using Harsh Chemicals

Supplements and vitamins can be an integral part of your pet’s healthy lifestyle. Many pet owners who incorporate natural supplements into their dog’s diet—supplements that are chock-full of vitamins and antioxidants and are derived from real, whole foods—see noticeable differences in their pet’s health and overall immune system, depending on the products. They also work as great alternatives to harsh, chemical-laden pet treatments that are on the markets.

Specifically, many dog owners turn to commercial bug repellents and potentially harmful flea collars to combat biting insects in the summer months. However, there are safe and natural bug repellents available that do the trick while preserving the health of your pet, such as Springtime’s Bug Off Garlic—it provides a 24-hour shield against biting insects, when given daily. Available in both granules or chewables, Bug Off Garlic can provide your pet with the protection they need against bugs while also acting as a more trusted alternative to the potentially harmful, chemically manufactured flea and tick products that line pet store shelves.

If your pet already has a relatively healthy and natural diet, they could be less susceptible to parasites to begin with. There are, however, extra steps to take to ensure that your pet is receiving the utmost protection from pesky bugs and insects. You can learn more about the benefits of Springtime’s Bug Off Garlic in this helpful article titled “How to Protect Your Horses and Dogs from Ticks During the Summer.”

Treat Seasonal Allergies Naturally Without Relying on Medication

Much like humans, your pets may experience allergies that come with age or the change of the seasons. Pet owners who are looking for an effective way to support their pet’s overall health, but are wary of conventional products that contain questionable ingredients, should know that there are healthy alternatives out there. To support seasonal comfort, for example, bee pollen has shown to be an effective immune support supplement to fight allergens. It contains protein, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and live enzymes for optimal health and vitality. Turns out Bee Pollen isn’t just great for people!

Medication does not have to be the last resort when taking steps to support your dog’s seasonal allergies and immune system. You can learn more about Springtime’s Bee Pollen and its benefits here.

Prioritize Your Dog’s Health with Springtime’s Natural Line of Supplements

At Springtime Supplements, we believe that people and animals gotta stick together. Your pets are your family, and providing them with the most high-quality diets, supplements and lifestyles are the greatest way to show them love and say “thank you” for all the joy they bring to your life. To learn more about Springtime’s extensive line of natural supplements to determine which products are right for your pet, contact our team of animal lovers today.

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