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Home » 10 Easy DIY Dog & Horse Costumes for Halloween

10 Easy DIY Dog & Horse Costumes for Halloween

Make this Halloween your dog’s best! Plus, get in on the four-legged fun without breaking the bank. These do-it-yourself costume ideas for your dog are adorable, and more importantly, they’re easy!

Always remember that costumes should not restrict movement, hearing, eyesight, or the ability to breathe! If you’re going to including paint on your pet costume, always use non-toxic, pet-safe paint. This is a favored idea for pets who are uncomfortable in any cloth costumes! Non-toxic paint is important for ensuring safety if your pet ingests the paint, and keeping their skin clear of any harmful chemicals. Don’t forget to enter Springtime’s Halloween Costume Contestto show off your DIY look, PLUS the chance to win a $100 Springtime Gift Card! (See link for rules. Contest ends Nov. 5, 2018)

1. Little Lion

All you need is some felt in varying in colors, scissors, and a glue gun. Create your mane and roar all night!

2.Saddled-up Super Horse

Saddle up your super horse with a red bedsheet! Iron or stitch your Super Woman or Super Man emblem on the sheet for an easy superhero horse costume! (Although the jumping picture is adorable, please do not jump while in costume to avoid any injuries or hazards the cape might pose!)

3.Four-legged Flower

Cut out petals from felt and hot glue them around a breakaway dog collar to create the perfect four-legged flower!

4.Bumble Bee & Flower

Make the flower crown, similar to #3, for your horse! For added fun, be the bumble bee. Make antennas out of pipe cleaners and attach to your helmet! Wear yellow and black, and you are ready for Halloween fun!

5. TY Tag Beanie Baby

All you’ll need is to cut out a TY Beanie Baby tag. Whether it is crafted from felt, or lightweight cardboard, or paper, your dog will be the cutest beanie baby on the shelf!

6.The Perfect Unicorn

Every princess needs a unicorn! Many stores sell the horn, but if you want to get crafty, you will need Mod Podge and a birthday hat! Cut the party hat in half to create a tighter horn, and Mod Podge (or hot glue/ staple) in place! Have fun and decorate the horn in any color or even add some glitter! Create a flower necklace out of paper, or hot glue fake flowers for a light-weight decoration.

7.Back-yard Business

Your best business partner couldn’t be any more adorable! Cut the collar and cuffs off of an old button down and throw on a tie. Be sure to cut the tie and collar in the back and fasten them with tape or something that will easily detach to prevent a choking hazard. Briefcase full of treats is optional.

8. Painted Barnyard

Tap into your creative side and paint your horse with pet-friendly, non-toxic paint, to create a spooky skeleton horse or the adventurous giraffe!

9. The Bite-less Bat

Print out some bat-wing templates and cut out three layers from felt. Layer them together, and sew (or hot glue) the edges together. Place your wings on your pet’s harness, and secure it on!

10. Mickey and Minnie Mouse

For your horse, all you’ll need is a red onesie or long pajama set big enough for your four-legged friend. Or, create from felt! Stitch on white buttons, create Mickey ears on an elastic, and fit yellow cuffs for shoes around the ankles!

Now you’re all set for some halloween fun in the backyard and the barn!

Don’t forget to enter Springtime’s Halloween Costume Contestto show off your DIY look, PLUS the chance to win a $100 Springtime Gift Card!

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