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Weather Changes and Year-Round Garlic Feeding

Although it’s cold, bug season is not over!

Mary Beth Pfeiffer, an investigative journalist for the Poughkeepsie Journal, began reporting on Lyme disease in 2012. This year she published Lyme: The First Epidemic of Climate Change, and touched upon how Lyme disease is the first epidemic of climate change, as our world is warming. She stresses that ticks thrive in more places than ever before.

Springtime customers report best results when they feed Bug Off Garlic to their dogs and horses year-round, and double or triple the dosage in the fall before winter. Insects and ticks are desperately looking for a last blood-meal to survive the winter.

We recommend feeding Bug Off Garlic daily, year-round, because it can be challenging to re-introduce Bug Off Garlic after a hiatus. Particularly with picky animals.

Another important part of of feeding Garlic year-round is because when the Garlic is already in your horse or dog’s system, there is more protection on those occasional warm days.

To further keep your mind at ease, upping the dose on these days is 100% okay, because the human-grade Bug Off Garlic is natural.

When you gradually increase the Garlic, your dogs and horses are used to the smell.

Bonus tip: Putting the garlic in a fridge or freezer can be helpful during this gradual increase, because keeping the garlic cold helps diminish the smell without changing the efficacy.

Why year-round?

We recommend feeding Bug Off Garlic daily, year-round, because it can be challenging to re-introduce Bug Off Garlic after a hiatus.

Year-round feeding is the best protocol because of the build up of Garlic in the system. Not to mention, the incredible health benefits!

Spoiler: Garlic is one of the world’s most powerful antioxidant foods, and is a great source of dietary sulfur, including MSM.

Plus, health benefits!

While Bug Off Garlic shields against fleas, ticks, and flies, it also promotes friendly bacteria in the digestive tract. Another benefit of Bug Off Garlic is that it supports a healthy immune system.

Garlic also acts as a dewormer or heart worm preventative. Although Bug Off Garlic is helpful in reducing both internal and external parasites, you should consult your practitioner for these issues. For a list of holistic veterinarians in your area, you can visit the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association online by clicking here.

Springtime has been selling Bug Off Garlic for Horses and Dogs for almost 20 years. While there is controversy circulating the toxicity of garlic for pets, from a single study in Japan where four dogs were force-fed extremely large amounts of raw garlic, Springtime has combined research-based chemistry with the desire for natural products.

Garlic preparations vary in chemistry, and the air-dried garlic we use contains very little of the oxidative component that may cause problems if used in excess, making Springtime’s Bug Off Garlic gentle and absolutely safe for everyday, year-round use.

Read more information about Garlic safety, here.

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