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Home » Top 5 Rainy-Day Games For You and Your Pooch

Top 5 Rainy-Day Games For You and Your Pooch

Games for Rainy Days

April showers eventually bring May flowers, but in the meantime we get very cooped-up pooches, so here is a list of five dog games for rainy days:

1. Hide & Seek

This classic game is excellent for practicing your pup’s waiting skills, as well as teaching them to search. Plus, seeing them get excited every time they find you is a great perk for your rainy day.

2. Shell Game

Dog Shell Game

The Shell Game is perfect for your mutt’s mental stimulation. Take two opaque cups and turn them over. With your dog watching, place a treat under a cup. Give your dog the cue to come turn over the cup and get the treat. Do this a handful of times, letting your dog really understand the game. Then, alternate which cup you place the treat under. When your dog selects the correct cup, let him have the treat. If (and when) he doesn’t select the correct cup, show him the treat under the correct cup but don’t let him have it.

If your dog masters this, it’s time to challenge him even more. Place a treat under the left cup, and then slide the cups to switch places, so that the cup with the treat is now on your right. Amp up the game by adding more cups.

3. 52-Toy Pickup

Dog Toy Pick Up

Start with the “drop it” command. Getting your dog to drop on command is essential for this cleanup game.

Start training your dog to drop toys in a basket or box. Treat the stages of the behavior a little at a time, such as whenever your dog heads toward the basket with the toy, or dropping the toy near the basket. Eventually, your dog will understand that a command like “put away” means to drop the toys back in the basket.

After this part is mastered, build up the number of toys your dog picks up. Start with rewarding your dog each time he puts a toy away. Then reward him only after he puts away two toys, then only after three toys and so on. Eventually, the reward will only come when every toy is put away, and a command like “clean up” will have your dog running around the room finding every toy as quickly as they can to win the big jackpot of treats.

4. Go Find It

Dog "Find It" Game

Similar to Hide-and-Seek, Go Find is for searching for a treat, as opposed to searching for you. This game is great for learning self-control and the “wait” command, as your pup is stuck in the sit position while you hide treats in a variety of places. Once you say “go” he will run around to get them all.

5. Take the time to teach your furry friend a new trick!

If your pet has already mastered “speak”, “lay down” and “roll over”, add to their performance list with tricks such as standing on their hind legs, jumping through a hoop, playing dead, or bringing their leash to you.

The Perfect Treat for Games on Rainy Days

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4 responses to “Top 5 Rainy-Day Games For You and Your Pooch”

  1. These are great ideas! I have a dog that is bored even when it isn’t raining. He ends up playing his own games by grabbing my shoes and runs off with it. Then he wants me to chase him.

  2. I have a Collie that just loves to stay in the house. We rescued him and he just loves his house and when we come home!!

  3. I love finding things to do with my furry friend — especially around the house. I get busy a lot with personal human things like the phone, balancing check book, prioritizing so I can find things — so the little guy gets pretty bored at times. He is a 3 year Border Collie and so very naturally smart. Sometimes I play keep away with his treats and gets him revved up a little because he lets me know that keeping treats from him is not okay. He likes to play tug of war and I don’t because it literally pulls my fingers out of place and gives me rope burns on my hands. He actually smiles real big when I get time to rub his tummy. I get up pretty grumpy on some days that I try to play the raspberry game and roll him over and kind of blow and make noises on his tummy. That usually gets him all happy and a nice scratch on me if I don’t watch those nails. Sometimes I sing the I love you song and he just sits and listens and wags that big ole white fluffy tail. He is musically inclined because he loves music and singing. But you get tired trying to think of entertaining ways (without going for walks). I just love it when my 3 yr. old cat named Scrappy flies around the room and the chase is on. Sometimes she gets him when he is on his back and romps on him. That is usually good for about 30 minutes of playtime around the house. Sometimes when I walk him he takes the leash if it isn’t hooked to him yet and tries to walk (pull) me. I need more restful sit down games. Thanks

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