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New Year’s Resolutions for Your Dog (and You)!

Make this year the best year for your dog and you by making a resolution that will make you both happier and healthier. Here are few suggestions that you and your dog can strive for, beginning with this New Year’s Day!

Double their walk time

How much time does your dog really get outside for a walk or for a run off leash? If your dog’s health permits it, double their walk time! Help your pet live a longer and healthier life, keeping their hearts and bones strong.

Learn a new trick or game

Dogs require mental stimulation to stay healthy. Teaching a new skill, such as K-9 nosing, or a new trick helps keep your dog engaged and they love praise!

Explore health supplements

Pets can benefit from added nutritional supplements. Added vitamins and nutrients can benefit overall health. Joint supplements can be added, even before issues arise, to keep joints lubricated and strong.

Put the phone down

Spend more time playing and engaging your pet and less time on the screen. We are number one in our dog’s eyes, and pets can live a longer and healthier life when stimulated and engaged.

Get rid of those extra pounds

How many treats is your dog getting a day? Are they the ideal weight? Talk to your vet about finding out their optimal weight and if their daily food intake needs to be adjusted.

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